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Naturopathy is the art, science, and philosophy of nature. It is an holistic approach to health and wellness based on the unique qualities of each individual. It uses the principal that our body has an inherent ability to heal itself, given the right environment.

Naturopathy at our North Devon clinic is guided by the following founding principles:

  • First, do no harm
  • Utilise the healing power of nature
  • Treat the cause of imbalance, not just the symptoms
  • Treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit


We use the most advanced screening technology available today. Our screening system will reveal disturbances on all levels: structural, biochemical, energetic and emotional.

Additionally, we use a highly powered microscope to evaluate a single drop of blood, which contains a mass of information to assess an individual's current state of balance / imbalance.

What we offer

At our North Devon naturopathic clinic, we offer:

  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Allergy Advice
  • State-of-the-art Health Screening
  • Cellular Analysis
  • Naturopathic Consultations
  • Personalised Retreats

We have achieved outstanding success with a wide range of symptoms; such as disruptive menopause, hormone imbalance, skin conditions, allergies and food intolerances, fatigue and ME, poor immune function, viruses, IBS, diabetes, parasites, candida, stress, sleep problems, migraines, low libido and more.

Devon's allergy advice clinic

Allergies plague thousands across Devon and many are less obvious than a strong reaction to nuts.

The human body can also be intolerant to a number of food types, environmental stimuli and substances - knowing which your body is negatively affected by is the first step to cutting them out of your life.

The difference can be massive, which is why we enjoy offering allergy advice and food intolerance tests as part of our repertoire.

Hormone Imbalances

The benefits of balance.

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Return your body to Balance and feel the benefits

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Your hormones

Adrenal and Thyroid are the two main categories of hormone, in addition to your gender specific ‘sexual’ hormones.

Adrenal Hormones

Adrenal Hormones include adrenaline and cortisol. They’re handled by your adrenal glands, which are controlled by the pituitary and hypothalamus parts of your brain. They have a key role in dealing with stress.

Your adrenaline levels are the remnants of a pre-historic survival instinct – fight or flight. In modern life, they’re influenced by the huge range of external factors that we live with every day. That includes mental stresses like staring at a computer screen all day, physical stresses like gaining weight or losing out on sleep and psychological stresses like bills and the eternal struggle to look our best.

Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid Hormones manage your metabolism, which is crucial for weight control, temperature and growth. Very often, clients come to us with a thyroid imbalance that is influencing their weight – addressing that imbalance is the first step towards enabling them to lose that weight.

Sometimes, they’ve spent months trying hard with no progress – because their body is literally holding them back!

Sex Hormones

Sex Hormones like testosterone and oestrogen play a big part in your moods, sex drive and weight maintenance. If your hormones are in a state of imbalance, that can effect your libido, bring on dark moods and make weight loss a serious struggle.

The symptoms of hormone imbalance

Symptoms of hormone imbalance - sleeping woman

Recognised Symptoms:

When those delicate hormone levels become unbalanced, the symptoms include:

  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Moodiness and agitation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty losing weight

If you think you might be suffering from any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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Half Scientist, Half Naturopath

It’s in the name – Nature & Science. We’re very unusual for naturopathic practitioners, in that we also boast an expert microscopist and thousands of pounds worth of cutting-edge analysis technology.

A combination of our consultant’s knowledge and the power of the analysis machines we use will shed light on and imbalances.

That’s when the naturopath kicks in. We will recommend a range of lifestyle changes, dietary amendments and nutritional supplements that will help move you back into balance. Each consultation is different and our solution will be bespoke to you as an individual.

We’ll follow up your appointment with a report, including all of our advice, and we strongly recommend that you book in for a follow-up appointment around 8 weeks after your first.

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