What we do


Naturopathy is the art, science, and philosophy of nature. It is an holistic approach to health and wellness based on the unique qualities of each individual. It uses the principal that our body has an inherent ability to heal itself, given the right environment.

Naturopathy at our North Devon clinic is guided by the following founding principles:

  • First, do no harm
  • Utilise the healing power of nature
  • Treat the cause of imbalance, not just the symptoms
  • Treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit


We use the most advanced screening technology available today. Our screening system will reveal disturbances on all levels: structural, biochemical, energetic and emotional.

Additionally, we use a highly powered microscope to evaluate a single drop of blood, which contains a mass of information to assess an individual's current state of balance / imbalance.

What we offer

At our North Devon naturopathic clinic, we offer:

  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Allergy Advice
  • State-of-the-art Health Screening
  • Cellular Analysis
  • Naturopathic Consultations
  • Personalised Retreats

We have achieved outstanding success with a wide range of symptoms; such as disruptive menopause, hormone imbalance, skin conditions, allergies and food intolerances, fatigue and ME, poor immune function, viruses, IBS, diabetes, parasites, candida, stress, sleep problems, migraines, low libido and more.

Devon's allergy advice clinic

Allergies plague thousands across Devon and many are less obvious than a strong reaction to nuts.

The human body can also be intolerant to a number of food types, environmental stimuli and substances - knowing which your body is negatively affected by is the first step to cutting them out of your life.

The difference can be massive, which is why we enjoy offering allergy advice and food intolerance tests as part of our repertoire.

Holistic Health Advice

Alternative medicine from an experienced expert.

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About Your Consultant

Mari is a qualified Naturopath and Cellular Microscopist with two decades of experience in the mainstream medical field prior to starting her alternative medicine private practice. She has worked in Haematology, Transfusion and Biomedical Science Laboratories, Paediatric Leukaemia Clinics and Oncology. She qualified in phase contrast microscopy in 2007 as well as Darkfield Microscopy in London 2009.

Beyond these core qualifications, Mari is a certified Nutritional Microscopist able to provide advice on a wide range of health, allergy, nutrition and lifestyle subjects. These days, Mari has dedicated her career to running Nature & Science, where she gently inspires and guides her clients from across Devon and beyond towards achieving optimal health and well-being.

Mari - Holistic Health Expert - Microscope

What makes us unique?

We’re not your average holistic health clinic! We combine our naturopathic expertise with scientific knowledge and cutting edge technology. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the very best experience using our combined expertise and provide a personal personal experience to deliver outstanding results, every time.

Our Mission

We seek to educate and demonstrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of the inter-connection of mind body and spirit. We’re delighted to have one of the UK’s top Peak Performance Consultants on-board who can advise on motivation, lifestyle, stress management, meditation and well-being.

Together, they also lead health workshops and residential detox retreats in beautiful locations such as Snowdonia and Devon.

Nature & Science is based in South West England and have various clinics in Devon. Appointments are also available in Kensington/Chelsea by arrangement. We can also travel to other areas of the UK for a group of five or more.

If you’d like to talk to us to find out exactly what we can do for you, do not hesitate to give us a call on 07703 187 737 or email hello@natureandscience.co.uk.

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Where your appointment will take place…

We’re fortunate to be based in Barnstaple, nestled in the beautiful Exmoor countryside. Join us at our spacious farmhouse for your one-on-one consultation. Our consultation room has large windows with far-reaching views of inland fields and farms.

Our grounds also provide a safe haven for an assortment of rescued animals including cows, horses, turkeys, alpacas – even a donkey and a mule.