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Naturopathy is the art, science, and philosophy of nature. It is an holistic approach to health and wellness based on the unique qualities of each individual. It uses the principal that our body has an inherent ability to heal itself, given the right environment.

Naturopathy at our North Devon clinic is guided by the following founding principles:

  • First, do no harm
  • Utilise the healing power of nature
  • Treat the cause of imbalance, not just the symptoms
  • Treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit


We use the most advanced screening technology available today. Our screening system will reveal disturbances on all levels: structural, biochemical, energetic and emotional.

Additionally, we use a highly powered microscope to evaluate a single drop of blood, which contains a mass of information to assess an individual's current state of balance / imbalance.

What we offer

At our North Devon naturopathic clinic, we offer:

  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Allergy Advice
  • State-of-the-art Health Screening
  • Cellular Analysis
  • Naturopathic Consultations
  • Personalised Retreats

We have achieved outstanding success with a wide range of symptoms; such as disruptive menopause, hormone imbalance, skin conditions, allergies and food intolerances, fatigue and ME, poor immune function, viruses, IBS, diabetes, parasites, candida, stress, sleep problems, migraines, low libido and more.

Devon's allergy advice clinic

Allergies plague thousands across Devon and many are less obvious than a strong reaction to nuts.

The human body can also be intolerant to a number of food types, environmental stimuli and substances - knowing which your body is negatively affected by is the first step to cutting them out of your life.

The difference can be massive, which is why we enjoy offering allergy advice and food intolerance tests as part of our repertoire.

Coconut Oil – Useful? Yes!

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Coconut Oil – Useful? Yes!

‘Because you’re worth it’

What if I told you that you could achieve the same results as big-brand products by using coconut oil?

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for dry skin and tired hair. It works to ensure your skin remains moisturised and your hair retains its shiny quality.

It can be readily used as a natural direct replacement for your common high street brands and works to help your body without flooding it with any additional chemicals in the process.

You can’t beat a healthy heart

You most certainly cannot!

This is why coconut oil is a great substitute to use instead of vegetable oils when cooking.

Coconut oil is made up of about 50% Lauric Acid which works to actively prevent various heart problems like high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

The Lauric Acid has a specific chemical structure that allows your body to absorb them whole, making them more easily digestible. Your body then processes them as it would carbohydrates, so they can be used as a source of direct energy.

Coconut oil each day to keep the doctor away

It strengthens the immune system because it contains constituent compounds which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

More specifically, your body converts Lauric Acid into Monolaurin, which research has supported as an effective way to deal with viruses and bacteria.

This can be directly applied by means of ingestion and or by applying to the externally infected area, as it works to provide a chemical layer protecting against dust, air, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Here are some additional benefits

  • Useful for weight loss, by increasing the body’s metabolic rate.
  • Helps controlling blood sugar, and improves the secretion of insulin. It also promotes the effective utilization of blood glucose, thereby preventing and treating diabetes.
  • It facilitates absorption of calcium by the body, and thus helps in developing strong teeth.
  • Improves the ability of our body to absorb important minerals. These include calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for the development of bones.

Potential issues

If the taste of coconut oil isn’t really for you, that’s ok – why not try to incorporate it into different recipes so that its taste isn’t so prevalent? Whatever you do with it though, I would only recommend using organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil.

Have fun and try coconut oil for yourself! And if you’re looking for one extra tip – read our blog on ‘oil pulling’ here, coconut oil is perfect for it!

At the end of the day, it’s up to you as to how you wish to use coconut oil, go and grab some and get experimenting!

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